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Our team at Catholics Come Home, Inc. combines the effectiveness of mass media outreach, with the ease of Web-based fulfillment, to create a highly effective Catholic evangelism effort never before seen! After viewing our inviting and inspiring television commercials, viewers are directed to visit the Web site ( in Spanish) to learn more about the Catholic faith, help them find a local parish and return home.

Prior to airing, extensive dial testing and focus group research was conducted in various test cities. The vast majority (73 percent) of former Catholics, current Catholics, Protestants and non-religious persons had overwhelming praise for the commercials and their content. When asked if the inactive Catholics or non-Catholics would consider returning to or checking out the Catholic Church, over 53 percent said “yes,” after just one viewing of the commercials.

Following the launch of a test campaign airing in the Diocese of Phoenix during Lent 2008, a longitudinal study was conducted to measure the effectiveness.

"Six months after the media campaign ended, a comprehensive analysis was conducted, which revealed the average increase in Mass attendance (returned Catholics, new converts) was 12 percent, even though population growth in the Diocese of Phoenix was flat during that period. This equates to an increase of as many as 92,000 souls who came home!" View Article

Ryan Hanning,
Director of Adult Evangelization, Diocese of Phoenix

Based on these 2009 statistics calculated by the Controller’s Office at the Diocese of Phoenix, with the guidance of statisticians from Arizona State University, it appears that for every $1.63 invested in television media, Catholics Come Home was able to help a soul back home to the Catholic Church.

The Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas, experienced similar results with a 17.7 percent increase in Mass attendance as a result of their bilingual Catholics Come Home/Catolicos Regresen campaigns.

These are just the initial examples of the results that the Catholics Come Home campaign delivers to dioceses across the country. Imagine the results when the commercials are run nationwide!

Our Awards

In addition to extensive news coverage in print and broadcast media, Catholics Come Home has received prestigious awards for its creativity and excellence in creating powerful television commercials and an interactive Web site. These media vehicles serve to invite Catholics to learn more about their faith and come home to the Catholic Church. Catholics Come Home has also been recognized for its leadership and “best practices” in using media to further the Catholic evangelization effort around the world, and for its fortitude in spreading the truth and fullness of the Catholic faith.

Catholics Come Home commercials have been featured at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast and were aired on the Jumbo-tron at the Papal Mass in Washington, D.C.!

National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

Ads featured at
National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

Papal Mass in Washington D.C.

Aired on Jumbo-tron at
Papal Mass in Washington D.C.

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Roundtable Best Practices Award

National Leadership Roundtable Best Practices Award

2008 W3 Award for Web Site Creative Excellence

2008 W3 Award Winner for Web Site Creative Excellence

2008 Telly Awards - Top Honors "Epic" 2009 Communicator Awards - Award of Distinction "EPIC"
2008 Telly Awards - Top Honors "Movie" 2009 Communicator Awards - Award of Excellence "MOVIE"

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